12th December | Interview

Everbay: Our Passion Became a Job

12th December | Interview

Everbay: Our Passion Became a Job

text: Marieta Kajabová, Aneta Kaderková | photo: Everbay

Zuzana Benesova and Martin Slechta. Couple that travel the world to see and capture the most amazing moments and places. Where do they find an inspiration? When and where Everbay was born? And do they think analog photography has any future? Read more!
Zuzana Benesova and Martin Slechta. Couple that travel the world to see and capture the most amazing moments and places. Where do they find an inspiration? When and where Everbay was born? And do they think analog photography has any future? Read more!
You two met during your studies at university. How did you get from marketing to photography?

Z: We both had a passion for photography even before we met. I wanted to get to photography uni in Zlin, but after I was not accepted, I went to London where I found a job as a cat aupair and in my free time I used to go get lost in the city and take photos of life in the streets. When I met Martin we quickly realized that we wanted to focus on this common passion but at that time it seemed unreal for us to be able to make living with photography. We both were lucky to have a stable job in a corporation and we could slowly find a way to make photography our full time job in the end.

You travel a lot. What is the most photogenic place you've ever been to? The one that truly deserves nofilter hashtag?

It’s difficult to name one because what we enjoy so much is the variety of the places we get to visit. A few months ago I was shooting a beautiful elopement in Iceland and the couple packed in some good luck on great weather, the colors were so incredible during our trip that I even thought I’d deliver the photos unedited (in the end I touched them up a bit though:). One of the most intense experiences was when we had one of our first surf sessions in Bali during sunset, the sky was golden, the water was golden and when you were waiting for the next set sitting on the board with other surfers around, you felt like in a golden dream, it was such a serene moment. Often we think how lucky we people are to live in such a beautiful world, in a movie they would need a whole bunch of planets to cover everything we have on our pale blue dot. We should take a better care of it.

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“I used to go get lost in the city and take photos of life in the streets.”

- Zuzana Benesova


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You not only work with digital photography, but also with film. Do you think analog photography has any future?

You bet! In fact more and more people shoot film today and now we’re over film being just a cool retro thing, people today shoot it because in a way they’re tired of overpefrected images coming out from today’s tuned up cameras and also film-like presets that hardly anyone can make really look like film. People feel something inexplainable in photos shot on film, it’s organic nature just can’t be faked, by digital. (What’s the point of faking anything anyway.) We saw Polaroid taking over Impossible earlier this year - what an amazing achievement, Impossible reached its goal of bringing back 600 and SX-70 films. Kodak brought back its Super 8 camera and what’s important, there are great film evangelists among top Hollywood directors. We live in a great time with all the digital and film options that are available.

What is your personal source of daily inspiration? 

M: Paintings. It’s about the only thing I hate about not being wealthy, that I can’t buy Daphne at Paravola by Felice Casorati or the licking girl by Casey Baugh and be able to stare at it all day. And how they reinterpret reality on a canvas in a way their mind and flesh allows them.

Z: I realized that being surrounded by art and designer objects inspires me and I could spend hours just watching them. We try to have at home more of these and support people that create something with honest and genuine attitude. Recently we got a designer glass vase and I find myself during the day just starring at it and thinking what flowers I will pick for it;)

Do you have any special ritual that awakes your creativity, brings you fresh energy or keeps you calm when needed?

We talked about this with two of our clients. Some time ago we figured that before going on a shoot it’s important to get rid of our idea about what things should be like in our opinion, because then your mind and eyes get open to what’s really going on and you’re watching things, seeing things. It’s not really a ritual, but reminding ourselves of this does open the creativity. Another factors are definitely a good sleep, not being hungry and also coffee (and hot chocolate for Sue;)

Which book or podcast caught your interest lately? Could you please share with us some tips? 

M: Actually recently we got into podcast quite a bit and we both have our favorites. I’m totally recommending Kodakery by Kodak. Often they invite filmmakers for an interview, but they’ve got people like sculptors and other artists as well, so a lot of the conversation is about art and having a physical experience with it, and telling stories through it. My favorite episode was Michael Carson talking about his Colorado ranchers photographs, they are just so amazing! Another great podcast is Artists Decoded.

Z: From my childhood I was collecting interviews with interesting people, I cut them out of magazines and made my own inspiring book. Nowadays I can’t wait for every new episode by Garance Dore to pop up in my feed. I always find something that rezonates with me in her guests and makes me think about various fields I wouldn’t normally listen about. And I try not to miss any epidode of Monocle24: Section D, The Minimalists or Czech Forbes Radio.

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Is there any special place in Czech Republic which in your point of view has a “genius loci”? If so, which one?

Recently we’ve realized one quite surprising thing about Czech Republic, more specifically Prague where we live, and it’s that nowhere in the world have we seen as beautiful painterly sunset skies as here, they don’t come often, but when they do, it’s really otherworldly. But in the Czech Republic we have a lot of places that are magical, like Prasilske jezero in the sunrise, Palava region, Adrspach National Park etc. Also, we love places where people use their craft to create beautiful things and in the Czech Republic we’re lucky to have quite a lot of them, like glassblowing tradition in Janstejn where Brokis lighting is made or paper mill in Velke Losiny, where paper is made continuously for 400 years!

Which photographer's work is for you the symbol of visual pleasure?

M: I’m for classics a lot. It’s going to sound like a cliche but I can’t help getting back to photographs of Cartier Bresson and Josef Koudelka, even if they were not labeled a famous godfather of street photography and the greatest Czech documentary photographer and noone knew about them, I would still enjoy looking at their pictures basically every day. Can’t help. But I’m still learning... And then one rather unexpected name would be Andrei Tarkovsky and his films, which are basically moving photographs, they’re the most incredible thing I’ve seen. But we also love photos of guys like Martin Faltejsek, Michal Pudelka, Michael Novotny, Ondra Zeman and Liliana Pham... There are so many great photographers in our generation in Czech Republic.

Z: I really admire work of Cinzia Bruschini for how she connects fashion and real situations in her wedding photography. And even if I would not be dating with Martin I would be totally in love with his work, with his project Sunrise of earth which one day will be published or with his film paintings which are hanging on our walls 🙂 I really appreciate that we can work and live together.