28th November | Lifestyle

Street Style: Berlin

text: Aneta Kaderková | photo: Kuba Feranec

For some, Berlin fashion scene might be chaotic, for others inspiring. According to Forbes article from 2016, Berlin is the most underevaluated fashion capital of Europe.


“Berlin is overcrowded. Alternative. Varied. And there is a high concentration of creative people. It’s not just a great source of inspiration, it also gives people motivation and freedom for expressing themselves.”

- Kuba Feranec, street style photographer



Despite of famous german brands such as Hugo Boss, Escada, Tom Tailor or Jil Sander, for me Berlin never was an iconic fashion destination until I was invited to Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week by one of my friends. Frankly? I was fascinated! Not only by what I saw during the fashion shows, but by non runway looks mainly. Some of them were unisex, androgynous, some of them avant-garde, made of transparent fabrics, with leather straps and chains and all these components you would expect in some adult movie rather than at fashion week.


“It doesn’t matter whether they go to the exhibition or grocery store to buy a beer, Berliners, especially those living close to Kreuzberg, will always attract your attention by their appearance. This ‘I don’t care’ state of mind is something very special.”

- Kuba Feranec, street style photographer


They say Germans tend to be systematic, organized and punctual. But when it comes to fashion, it more reminds of wild. Need of self expression is pretty high and you can clearly see that it‘s not about the money. Influenced by different cultures, art, music scene, Berlin street style has it all. We’ve rounded up several looks to show you more...


Kuba Feranec is a street style photographer, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Strolling the streets of European cities, he seeks for originality and creativity. Kuba recently launched his very first street style book Because Of Fashion.