14th November | Lifestyle

Visual Individuals

text: Aneta Kaderková | photo: Kuba Feranec

 Did you know that we receive almost 80% of all information by eyes? It’s pretty much, don’t you think? If wondering how to protect yourself or what to do to maximize profit of visual experience, you might find these tips useful.
Visual Individuals

Visual perception has in most cases the main impact on our decisions. Based on that we decide which places we go to, which land we decide to explore, on which point we stop and where we feel brave enough to do few more steps. Whether the meal with delicate smell is really worth trying. Thanks to our own eyes we can read other’s body language, reveal happiness or sadness in their faces or fall in love at the first sight. Visual impulses can remind us of the past but it can also be a great source of inspiration or vision of the future.

„Visual experience is consisted of everything we see, all visuals, photos or movies we watch, all texts we read.“


Visual Individuals

Protect yourself and seak for beauty

In times when everyone and everything try to steal your attention, it would be such a shame to let something inappropriate have an impact on any of your senses. Surround yourself with beautiful things, possitive colours, decorate your home the way it makes you feel calm or energized. Invest into painting or piece of art, that brings you possitive energy and infront of which you can sit and rest for hours. Travel to beautiful places and take photo of natural sceneries, things or moments that worth capturing. Art, fashion, theater, cinema or beauty industry, it all offers us countless possibilities and options how to spice up our days.

Visual Individuals

Surround yourself by beauty, seak for it, do some little research and find sources of visual experience according to your own preference. Don’t wait for what local TV channel’s gonna offer you tonight. Don’t be reactive, act proactively! You will soon feel the difference, your life will be more colorful, more exciting and full of inspiration.

Online inspiration

There are more and more subjects trying to convince us to give up on online world and enjoy more of here an now offline. In my point of view, everything in life is about balance and it also covers combination of being online and offline. Frankly, if you select media and sources that offer you long term inspiration and possitive motivation or which can simply cheer you up during the day, it can have great impact on your work or even personal life. It can be beautiful photogallery of your friend’s wedding, Instragram account full of amazing places you’d love to visit or maybe blog with all these healthy recipes you’re willing to try yourself. You can create your own moodboard, print it out or share it with your friends. Never underestimate the power of visualization. It is said that visualization of your dreams is the first and most important step to their fulfillment.

„By the way, do you remember when was the last time you gave some of your close friends photo album with captured memories you two share? With real - shiny - paper photos? It might sound retro, but believe me, they will love it.“


When we care more about what visual experience brings to our life and cut off things that are just disturbing our minds, we will soon find out that we pay much more attention on things that really matter.